How to win as a buyer in a sellers market

Mar 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

How to win as a buyer in a sellers market

Mar 23, 2022

You have been pre-approved by a lender, and though you are super excited, you now start to read and hear about the nightmare stories lingering out there in the marketplace. Although these are scary times in the so-called Housing Bubble, these are the hard facts about buying when supply is low, and demand is high. So you think to yourself, should I stay or should I go? Should I wait until the market is better? Well, you could wait, but who knows how much longer this market will last and how much lower the interest rates will stay low. These scenarios that you play in your head are tricky. My advice is to write a list of home-buying pros and cons. Whichever list is longer than there’s your answer. Now your list says, “buy a house now.” Now what! What game plan do you have? What trusted people do you have in your corner? How can you win BIG? These are all the questions I am about to answer, so pay close attention.

  1. Build a trusted team. Make sure you interview realtors, lenders, inspectors, and title companies. Start with Realtors, ask them what their fiduciary responsibilities are to you as clients. These are our clients’ standard ethical practices, and each REALTOR should hold these to the highest standard. Make sure your agent listens to you. When choosing your team, remember the acronym “OLD CAR.”
    • Obedience
    • Loyalty
    • Disclosure
    • Confidentiality
    • Accountability
    • Reasonable

    A REALTOR who cares and listens to your needs is critical to this process. This person will fight for you, and you are the ultimate decision-maker. You are making the largest purchase of your life.

    If you haven’t already chosen this person, your lender is the money person. They should be willing to communicate with you and your REALTOR. If your lender needs documentation from you, give it ASAP. Missing your pay stub or tax returns can halt the process. Your lender is the running back in the game of Real Estate.

    The pros have the skills you need to move quickly and efficiently. And no, you do not need an attorney to review documents.

  2. Make a game plan. Have a budget and enough money saved for appraisal and inspections. Not having the funds can hinder closing the house. Think about your wish list and prioritize what you want.
  3. Consider what your boundaries are. Will you stay close to where you are now, or will you branch out to other areas?
  4. Make a list of neighborhoods you want to live in and research the pros and cons of living in those areas.
  5. Lastly, Get ready for some competition and let your agent and lender guide you through the process.


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